Thursday, March 13, 2008

Freedom finance

“So do you think we could hock the 14-year-old?” Lisa laughed as she pulled her credit card bill out of the mail box. “He’s been a little obnoxious anyway. Two birds with one stone and all that, you know?”

She winked at me and then gave the envelope another look, sighing. “I really wish I could quit my job but this keeps me going. I’d like to be home for the kids but we have bills to pay.”

As far as Lisa knows, she’ll work the rest of her life to pay the interest on her credit card debt. Although she loves her husband, his love of stuff keeps their credit cards maxed out. She works to keep them afloat but neither of them expects to ever get out of debt.

“I’d like do some volunteer work,” she confided. “I’d like to go to Mexico for a week with that team at church. But I can’t think that way. So I don’t!”

Finances are decidedly not romantic, yet how we handle our money affects how we handle our lives. Handling finances in a godly way can lead us to a place of freedom.

And God has a lot to say about finances. On Thursdays for a few weeks, we’re going to look at some of his advice regarding how to handle money. Jesus promised freedom. Does that include our finances? We’re going to dig into the Bible, to see how a follower of Jesus should handle money.

Next Thursday: Paul and Timothy talk money

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Darla said...

I have lived that for along time, and I am happy to say that after much praying and tears..God has delivered us and taught us a very hard lesson in over spending, and learning to trust HIM for all that we need. Love you ! wish I could comment more..I think I am going to post something this week about all the blogs I learn so much from..and you will be on the top of that list!