Monday, July 14, 2008

Who prays?

Our family is home safely from Yucatan peninsula and Cuba. We had very few problems and God gave us grace for those challenges that did wander across our path. We felt as though we floated in a bubble of protection and were very away of the many prayers said for us while we were gone.

God is good and we are humbled. Thank you for your prayers.

We conducted over 13 interviews and logged 16 hours of video that will need to be edited and formed into some documentaries. I asked each interview how American Christians could help them.

"Pray for us." That was their first answer every time. They know that their ministry work continues through God's grace and they need prayer. They appreciate ministry teams who come from America to help them. They appreciate the financial help. But most of all they need our prayers.

This is some of the hard work of being a follower of Christ, to commit to daily prayer for people who labor in Jesus' name in other places. but consider committing. If you'd like to pray for a Christian ministering in Yucatan or in Cuba, please email me. I can supply you with names, short thumbnail of their needs, and often a photo.

I know, from the last two weeks, how valuable prayer is. It was a precious gift to our family from those who prayed and I know it will be a precious gift to those we met and left behind. Thank you for praying.


Debbie said...

We're glad you're home safe and sound! :-)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

SO glad you are back. It is interesting that is the most needed thing-prayer. I am interested in you emailing me that. angela [AT] refreshmysoul [DOT] com.
Much love,