Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Found Art: Discovering Beauty in Foreign Places

I'm participating in a blog tour for Leanna Tankersley's new book, Found Art: Discovering Beauty in Foreign Places.  I love the concept.  To discover beauty is to look with new eyes, to pull back the assumptions and reveal what has often been overlooked.

Writer and photographer Tasra Dawson is hosting an interesting photography program at her website prompted by Found Art.  Her challenge is to find  beauty in foreign places - and post a photo of the discovery.  Check out her website for more insights. 

Here's my idea.  I shot this on a fall day in a ripe corn field just before the combine swept away the crop.

God hides treasures for us in unexpected places.  When I find beauty, I find God. 

Tomorrow, I'll include more about Found Art.


Tasra Dawson said...

Beautiful image... love that you captured it before it was swept away.

leeana said...

The color is unreal. SO beautiful.