Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The gift of friendship

Gabby and DeeDee had been friends since fifth grade, going on 30 years now. They thought they’d been through everything but their friendship was suddenly rocked by a new turn in their lives.

Sharon Souza’s debut novel, Every Good and Perfect Gift, tackles friendship with humor and tears, creating a story of warmth and of dedication.

Gabby and DeeDee married college boyfriends and live in the same town, forging a David-and-Jonathan friendship that had sustained them over the years. Although both couples were content to live childless, DeeDee suddenly – at age 38 – decides she wants a baby. And DeeDee, the effervescent leader and optimist, usually gets what she wants.

As DeeDee and Jonathan struggle with infertility, Gabby is thrown into a new position in their friendship. Always the loyal and quiet sidekick, Gabby has to face her own faith as she walks alongside DeeDee.

Eventually – and joyfully - a baby girl is born but then a tragedy hits, stretching the boundaries of commitment.

Although the deep friendship between Gabby and DeeDee was enjoyable, I was also intrigued by the slow turn in their relationship. DeeDee was the strong-willed leader, with Gabby gratefully following, but that had to change as this story unfolded.

Gabby wrestled with new responsibilities within their friendship, causing her faith to ripen into something richer and more real than she had known before. She found that God was sufficient in her life.

You’ll laugh with these friends who are closer than sisters and you’ll cry with their disappointments. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Is there going to be a Galatians Bible Study this week?

M. C. Pearson said...

Got your link up on FIRST. Thanks for joining!