Friday, January 9, 2009

Seven weird things....

I was tagged by Angela to share seven weird things about myself. See the rules:

I have a problem with this. Those who know me well think I’d have trouble finding seven non-weird things about myself. See what I mean? I do lots of weird things.

But here goes:
  1. My son and I breed and show Holland Lop rabbits, traveling to about a dozen shows a year.
  2. I do not like the smell – or taste – of coffee.
  3. I once taught my baby sister the names of the planets in order by repeating them to her at night after she’d fallen asleep. She still knows them – and so do I.
  4. I own a humongous two-volume Oxford English Dictionary that requires a magnifying glass to read the entries.
  5. My first car was a Rambler American. I think there were only two of those made and mine was the light-turquoise boxy model. Snappy stuff for a college freshman.
  6. I invented my own system of charting football plays during a game.
  7. I can use my thumbnail to cut open tape on packages because my fingernails are very hard.

I’m not going to tag anybody to follow me. (That’s another weird thing about me is that I don’t always follow the rules) But spend some time thinking about your weird (OK, you can use the word “unique”) traits and post them. It’ll either humble you or cause a little thanksgiving for how God makes each of us special. Or is that weird?


Maxine said...

Very interesting things to find out about you Kathy. I don't think I better try it--but Ido have many to choose from. Just came over to say hi. Hope to be back soon.

Jonathan said...

You make me want to go and hug my coffee pot! :)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Thanks girl for participating! I was thinking the same thing about weird. LOL!