Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The announcement surprised me a little.

“I need shampoo,” said 13-year-old son. Now this was something new, because his past included a time when washing the hair needn’t include shampoo, just sluicing
a little water over aromatic locks.

But, hey, if he’s awash in hormones, he can be awash in soap, too, right?

“And it needs to be manly,” he added.

Manly? OK, I get that lilac and rose aren’t manly, but what’s so awful about coconut and strawberry? They’re in desserts, right?

But we marched down the shampoo aisle until he shoved a gray and black bottle in my face. “This is manly,” he said and so we bought it.

I barely had the cans of tomato sauce stowed in the pantry at home when he emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a damp towel, and put his wet head under my nose. “Do I smell manly?” And then he shoved his dripping forearm into the air. “Smell that!” We'd bought the matching shower gel, too.

He beamed after I assured him, “that is very manly.”

Being a parent has taught me some things about God’s nature. I chuckle at shampoo scents but he knows the number of hairs on my head. I want to assure my son of his manliness and God assures me of his love.

We are often as 13-year-olds but we can rest in a Daddy who is ready to sniff our arm and listen to our plans.

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with loving-kindness.
Jer 31:3

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Jonathan said...

Great story But I am with him all the way. It has taken me months to find a good "manly" shampoo. I didn't really like that I would walk out the shower smelling like a passion fruit. It was just two weeks ago I found a new "Manly" shampoo. (note it is the gray and black bottle one too) I know right then it was a gift from God! It even had "for Men" on it like it was a sign for me to buy it. I love it! Go Manly Shampoo! -Jonathan