Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The perfect business Part 2

Jesus used stories to make his point over and over again. As we wrestle with those parables, we gain understanding into the ways of God.

Yesterday, we looked at the parable of the vineyard from Mark 12. We came to the point of the vineyard, which had to do with paying what we owe.

Do we pay God what we owe him?

The renters in the story felt they could get out of paying their rent by rejecting God’s messengers. At one level, that’s a picture of Israel rejecting the prophets of the Old Testament. And the Pharisees and scribes rejecting Jesus, the son.

Which lets us off the hook.

But this story doesn’t let us off the hook.

What do we owe God?

Interestingly, Mark 12 ends with another story that’s probably familiar to you.

In that story, Jesus watches a poor widow drop in two small copper coins – all she had. He praises her generosity.

In comparison to the huge offerings of the rich, her portion was nothing. But she gave what she felt she owed.

By giving up what she had to live on, she was trusting God to provide for her. She didn’t need to hoard two small copper coins because she had access to landlord himself.

We asked yesterday, what do we owe God?

It kinda looks to me like Jesus was saying, “you owe it all.”

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