Monday, July 13, 2009

In difficulty

It was like sweeping water to direct the shy young children onto the platform but the young mother was trying, holding a pre-schooler’s hand while pressing her hand gently against the back of a hesitant little girl.

Once before the crowd, little Julia covered her mouth with her hands while Esther waved at her grandmother. Two little boys bounced shoulder to shoulder as they surveyed the audience. They'd be glad when this difficulty was over.

As the music burst from the little blue CD player on the front pew, the leaders began singing softly, hoping to lure the children into following.

Off to the side, almost hidden by the pew itself, sat the pastor. He was leaning forward, his short square body keeping rhythm with the music.

In spite of a disability, Eduardo found a way to travel 15 miles to this village every Friday where he spent the weekend with his people. Because he couldn’t work, his family lived on his wife’s income. That didn’t include money for transportation.

He, his wife, and two daughters lived in a tiny apartment with little furniture.They slept in hammocks that, during the day hung from large hooks on one wall. At least making the bed was fast.

God provided ways for Eduardo to travel. Eduardo was in town every weekend to counsel, encourage, visit, pray, and conduct two services on Sundays.

Eduardo’s difficulties were only cobwebs to be pushed aside as he poured out what was in his heart: the love and grace of his Lord. He was no victim of circumstance, but an ambassador.

As the children stumbled over the songs that Sunday evening, nervous before the crowd, Eduardo didn’t scowl because they faltered. He understood difficulties. Instead, from the wellspring of his heart, he leaned forward in love and sang to them.

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