Monday, August 3, 2009

Looking back

When Russell and Maria carried their newly adopted sons from the orphanage in Russia, the babies cried. The boys didn't know that their days in a gray institution were over.They didn't know they wouldn't have to contend with flies on their faces anymore or lie in their own waste.

They didn't know that an airplane ride would soon take them to America where they would be part of a family. Meals would be nutritious and plentiful. They'd have their own room, their own toys and parents who would love and nurture them.

They were going to a better place but the orphanage was familiar and comfortable. They wanted to go back.

There are times, when God takes us as his adopted children, to a better place while we're crying for the orphanage. God's path is filled with adventure, color, nurture and fullness. But it's not always comfortable.

Next time he takes you out for a ride, don't cry for the orphanage. Hang on for what lies ahead because it'll be good.

(This story was developed from Russell D.Moore's new book, Adopted For Life, which I will be reviewing as soon as I finish reading it. But the nuggets in it are too good to wait til then to share, so I'll be sharing gems as I uncover them.)

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Carmen7351 said...

What an apt view of God taking us to a better place. Reminds me of the Israelites wanting to go back to Egypt, even though it was bondage and slavery. This is a must on the TBR book list!