Monday, November 30, 2009

More on Titus

Titus is memorized. Several months ago, I asked you to hold me accountable to memorizing the entire book of Titus and I've slowly been adding verses. Right now, I could stand before you and quote the entire three chapters.

I'm a big believer in the spiritual disciplines, those activities that help keep the soil of our hearts more receptive to God's work. I don't think we are saved because we pray every day or memorize or study. But those disciplines help keep our spirits soft and receptive to God's word

Here's what I've learned from memorizing Titus:
  • I will memorize more. I've studied Titus in depth before but now see Paul's presentation and concerns in a deeper way.
  • I like memorizing a book rather than memorizing topically. Memorizing verses that address a topic (faith, grace, fear) can miss the context and the bigger issues that can be seen in knowing the larger text.
  • Memorization is hard. I had to push myself sometimes to review and learn a new verse. However, it did get easier as I continued.
  • I have used the verses from Titus many times already, in my personal worship time and in teaching.
I'm humbled to think of Jewish boys memorizing the first five books of the Bible - and even my own children who compete in Bible quizzing and have memorized over 150 verses per season. The 46 verses of Titus are small potatoes.

I put memorizing on my "should do" list for many years but am glad I got pushed into doing it. I'm considering now what I want to memorize next. Want to join me?

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