Monday, November 2, 2009

Two stories

Gary didn't come to this country to be treated for brain cancer. He came to teach his people here about the love of Jesus but now he's battling cancer. He's walked with Jesus his entire life, leaving grandchildren in his home country to work in the Lord's kingdom here. He and his wife put up with the oddities of our culture for the sake of the lost.

Mike was born in this country but just lost his job and jobs are scarce right now. He's sat at home for two months now, waiting for something to open up. He's depressed and now has refused to join his wife at church. "I'll go back when God gets me a job," he told his wife.

In crisis, we choose our rock.

Gary's had a life of inconveniences but he's clinging to God in this ultimate challenge. Gary's facing death by cancer and he's praying for the nurses who care for him.

Mike blames God for the loss of a job and clings to his own solutions. Somebody will bail him out. If not God, then a boss or a co-worker or maybe a government official.

I want to be angry with Mike and demand that he step up. But Gary has made an impression in my life.

Gary would share the love of Jesus with Mike, would listen to his complaints, would check on him frequently.

I'm going to try to do the same. Because in crisis, we choose our Rock.

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