Monday, December 7, 2009

Evangelism based on personality?

Unless you're a confrontational evangelist, one of those talented people who can share the gospel with a fellow passenger on an airplane and land sitting beside a new believer, you may find the whole idea of sharing the gospel to be challenging.

I do.

I am not yet convinced that sharing the gospel always means challenging an unbeliever to examine right now the state of their soul and agree that they are riddled with sin, bound for the abyss. Yet, I understand that many are and do we sit by and let them fall into the darkness without a clue?

Yet, few in the country have not heard something about Jesus. They may not have heard a meaningful presentation, but they've heard the story of Jesus, sin and the cross.

So how do we witness to the glory of God? Got Style? Personality-based Evangelism by Jeffrey A. Johnson is written for those who feel pressed into an evangelism method that they find awkward. Johnson proposes personality-based evangelism in which our own gifts, talents, interests and abilities play into the way we reach out to others.

I'm curious to see what he has to say and thought you might be, too.

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