Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pray for Europe

A good friend who has worked in Europe for over 20 years send this information to me. Maybe you'd be interested, too:

"Hey friends!

"This is just a quick note to invite you to join me and boatloads of folks around the world in praying for Europe during lent (which starts tomorrow, by the way!!). So many major moves of God in the world have been preceded by concerted times of prayer in the body of Christ (think back to all that took place in the fall of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe). Well, this lent is your chance to join the body of Christ in praying for the “prodigal continent” of Europe!!



American History said...

your prayer touched me. I'm praying! I found this site helpful www.holylandprayer.com Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless.

Maxine said...

You're always so informative, Kathy. Europe greatly needs prayer and will do. But then, so does America.

I came to tell you we're having another giveaway at the SG Notebook. Please come take part. Would love to bless you with a gift as you did me some time ago.