Monday, February 22, 2010

Some fruit

Fruit?  In that wilderness?  Adadiah leaned back against his father’s knee, listening to the reader with some concern.

    The story had gripped Adadiah as the reader recounted the adventures.  Adadiah had especially liked the part where the thundering cavalry seemed ready to capture the people, but had been tricked and defeated.  That army had thought it was so strong but not against God!

    But the narrative had now taken the group to the edge of the land promised to them.  Adadiah was astonished that they were fearful but listened intently as the people crafted a good plan:  send in spies and see what they were up against.

    The spies had brought back fruit.  Adadiah had expected the wilderness to be rocky and dry.  The whole region seemed to him to be a desert.  He hadn’t been there, of course, but he had heard about the caves and cliffs.

    But there had been all those big juicy grapes that had made his mouth water.
    He was intrigued by the fruit, because it reminded him of another section of the story.  What was it?

    This new land had been filled with sweet fruit like some other land.  What land?

    Ah!  He had it.  When the reader had first unrolled the scroll and began reading.  At the beginning of the story.
    When God had created the world, he had made a garden filled with trees heavy with fruit.  Lots and lots and lots of fruit.  The man, Adam, didn’t have to work for his food like Adadiah and his father had to work.

    What kind of god would give his people lots of sweet fruit?

    Adadiah had heard about the gods in Babylon, even though his father scolded him for listening to the tales. They were supposed to be mighty in battle, with great strength, but they demanded sacrifices or they’d turn their power on the people.  They didn’t give anything freely.

    Who was this God who gave so much fruit?  Adadiah knew he had to learn more.

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