Thursday, January 3, 2008

Covenant Child

How could a child born of privilege and promise grow up with nothing? That’s the question of the Holbrooke twins, born to incredible wealth but growing up as Goodwill kids.

But the bigger question in Covenant Child by Terri Blackstock is: how will a promise be kept? For the Holbrooke twins, orphaned at a tender age and shuttled off to live with greedy grandparents, had been promised by their step-mother Amanda that she’d take care of them. She had inherited the family millions and offered boundless wealth to the twins.

Blackstock has crafted a familiar story in today’s culture of custody battles and legal maneuvering. We travel with the twins, who endured the loss of their parents at a young age, been wrenched from Amanda’s loving arms and raised by Eloise and Deke, who spray their torn house with ugly lies and greedy wastefulness.

Kara and Lizzie grew up marinated in hatred, sure that Amanda stole their money. They blamed their hopeless lives on her self-indulgence. But Amanda, in the face of such anger and bitterness, never forgets her promise to the girls.

Though they reject her in ugly ways, Amanda continues to offer love and provision. Lizzie first accepts her generosity but Kara rejects, sure she is sniffing out a scam. Although she detests Eloise and Deke, she believes their world view. The final confrontation will move you.

Although the opportunity didn’t blossom, I thought I might be teaching a Bible study at our local women’s prison facility. I was going to use this book to teach hardened hearts the nature of promises and grace.

Covenant Child is a can’t-put-it-down sort of book. You’ll take another look at covenants after following Amanda, Lizzie and Kara through this poignant roller coaster. It’s worth the ride.


Debbie said...

This looks like a book we'd probably enjoy...

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Wow-I will have to check this one out. Sounds really good.

Maxine said...

You always come up with these great books! Sounds like I better add it to my Amazon wish list! By the way, Happy New Year!