Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leading Women Who Wound

If you want a real catfight, put two agitated women together.

And, sadly, that is especially true inside a church.

I’ve been involved in ministry in churches for many years and haven’t even begun to tell the stories of some of the conflicts I’ve seen. Hurting, unhealthy people are drawn to Christ for healing and hope.

But they are in the process of healing (hopefully) and they bring their baggage with them.

Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews have written an honest book, Leading Women Who Wound: Strategies for an Effective Ministry, that is a new resource for those in ministry.

These women know the inside of ministry. Their advice is laced with many authentic stories, the kind where I said, "that reminds me of Jane Smith."

They are candid in diagnosing issues and quick to take blame for their own failures. Their advice is scriptural and yet very practical.

Would you think of inviting your adversary into a room that you have lovingly arranged to make her feel most comfortable?

If you’ve ever ministered in a church, especially if you work with women, this is a valuable new tool to read and keep. It will give you fresh understanding on how to grow through conflict and emerge as a peacemaker. Conflict is not something to avoid at any cost, but to meet and embrace.

You can find Leading Women Who Wound on Amazon here.

Also, check out Kelley and Sue’s website here.

Kelley Matthews writes a blog. You can see it here.

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