Thursday, February 26, 2009


Anthony was a rich young man who fell in love with Jesus and threw aside his wealth for a life in the desert. He spent 20 years alone, learning to ignore attacks from evil while submitting to God.

Late in life, he was interviewed by Athanasius, who wrote an account of his life in the mid 300’s. Here’s a quote that intrigues me:

“…as we rise day by day we should think that we shall not abide till evening; and again, when about to lie down to sleep, we should think that we shall not rise up… But thus ordering our daily life, we shall neither fall into sin, nor have a lust for anything, nor cherish wrath against any, nor shall we heap up treasure upon earth.”

I don’t yearn for his lifestyle but I find his wisdom breathtaking. What do I cherish in my life? And am I devoting myself to that? We assume infinite tomorrows but am I devoting myself to that which is precious to me?

Some say that we do what we want to do. But I think we do what we think is important, whether we want to do it or not.

Do I know what I treasure? Am I living that way?

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