Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flickering Pixels

Flickering Pixels is an interesting and relevant book about how our modern technology affects our way of thinking. When offered a free copy to evaluate, I jumped at the chance to review it.

You can check out the Amazon listing for Flickering Pixels by clicking on the cover above or by going here.

Author Shane Hipps explores how technology changes the way we interact and think. For example, a society that depends on oral traditions - passing on of legends and stories verbally - is much more dependent on one another. Because information is not stored but must be preserved through memories, people gather more to tell and re-tell the information. People in that society remember well what they hear and interact verbally well with others.

Societies that store information in a written format allow members to become more independent, for the re-telling of the stories is not key to hanging onto the information. The way we process stories and other information is quite different from an oral society. It affects our thinking in many ways - from how we relate to community and how independent we become.

I'm going to discuss more specifics about the book in another post but for now want to give you a chance to explore. You can visit author Shane Hipps' website here.

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Tomorrow I'll look more at how our modern technology affects our faith walk.

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