Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stopping the insanity

Yesterday's post introduced a book, Stop the Traffik, dealing with human slave labor and trafficking today. Throughout his Word, God is clear that we are to defend the weak, the widow, the orphan, the foreigner.

That clearly applies to this situation and so as followers of Jesus we can't find a way to excuse this sort of atrocity.

Some comments on the book:
  • The authors are passionate about their cause and present, through a series of anecdotes and statistics, a strong case for joining the cause against such trafficking.
  • Printed on glossy pages with creative graphics and compelling photos (not graphic at all), the book is a quality publishing project.
  • Although this book isn't written from a Christian point of view, neither does it denigrate churches but sees them as allies.
  • Sadly, because it is not from a Christian point of view, its points of actions do not include any sort of prayer or trust in God. The assumption is that we alone must make a difference.
  • And, the assumption is that the solution lies in the direction of new laws and state-sponsored initiatives. If we can raise awareness, the suggestion goes, then the state will rise up to wipe out the traffickers.

I would recommend this book as an bold and insightful look at the problem of humans sinning against weaker humans. The problem cannot be ignored and it is hideous.

But I would suggest some of the answers can be found in putting God's Word into action. We can pray and we can act as agents of God's generosity. This issue is a huge one but not overwhelming to those who live in the shadow of God's grace.

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