Monday, April 6, 2009

Voice of the Martyrs

If you haven't checked out Voice of the Martyrs recently, it's worth a visit to their website. They have lots of tools to help in praying for and supporting our Christian family who face persecution in other places. They make it easy to be involved.

Here a few ideas that they offer (there are more on their website):

  • Become a member of the Be-A-Voice network so you can promote prayer for the persecuted church by printing the Be-A-Voice prayer bulletins for distribution in your Bible study group, prayer group, Sunday school class, etc.and send your friends free copies of "Tortured for Christ".
  • Write to imprisoned Christians. You can do this on your own or with a group (
  • Distribute VOM newsletters to members of your church.
  • Distribute brochures offering a free VOM newsletter and resource.
  • Show a VOM DVD to a congregation, Sunday school class, or Bible study.
  • Use VOM material for a vacation Bible school.
  • Encourage your church's high school youth group to watch Underground Reality Vietnam DVD (
  • Suggest your church host a VOM Saturday conference (888- 330-8015 ext. 429).
  • Sponsor a church worker, either individually or through a group (
  • Send Bibles to those who do not know Christ in a hostile or restricted country: you can order a Bibles Unbound DVD from

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Maxine said...

Great post and great reminders, Kathy. VOM is close to my heart.

I'm commenting from the Notebook (business blog). You haven't been for a while, but I wanted to invite you to come and take part in the giveaway we're hosting there. Since I'm commenting from there, just click on my name to come over. You'll see some things have changed.