Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pastor arrested

On April 16, an armed rebel group kidnapped a Baptist pastor from his home in a remote village in Bangladesh. The group, called terrorist activists by locals, ransacked the pastor's church, throwing Bibles on the floor, seizing a mobile phone and taking the pastor to their leader's home, according to VOM contacts.
The pastor was allegedly beaten and taken to a Buddhist temple where he was told to deny his faith in Christ and believe and obey Buddha. Later that day, two Christian men were taken by the rebels to the Buddhist temple and released when they agreed to the rebels' demands. The men are now in hiding to avoid further problems.
The pastor remains inside the Buddhist temple where he is allowed to move about freely, but he is constantly surrounded by monks who are instructing him in their rituals and teachings.
The villagers were told they would be shot dead if they involved the police.

Please Pray!

Pray for God's grace and protection over this pastor and the Christian men who are in hiding. Pray that they will not be moved from their faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that the monks and the members of the rebel group will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

(Information from Voice of the Martyrs)

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