Friday, May 28, 2010

Talent to Treasure by Marcia Washburn

Among the home-based businesses that can be launched, teaching piano lessons is a simple but effective one for those with the right talents.

But even those who have excelled at playing the piano and have plenty of music theory training may not be trained in how to run a business.

There's more to operating a music business than owning a tuned piano and putting your sign on the door.

Marcia Washburn, who combines her musical and teaching talents with a successful music teaching business, has compiled years of experience into her new book, Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business.

Marcia is a long-time homeschooling mother who, once her five sons were graduated, expanded her music teaching into a fulltime business. She teaches with Christian compassion and expertise, eager to discover her students' style of learning and love for music.

But Marcia is also an organized business woman and she shares not only teaching hints but business tips in her book. With this book in hand, it's a lot easier to take the step from talented pianist to successful music teacher.

I highly recommend this book for those who would like to begin or enhance a music teaching business.

Visit Marcia's website here.

Her book can also be purchased there. Click here.

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