Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And in the end....

Bob spoke to us from the grave. What would you have said if you have the chance? Bob created that opportunity, writing his own eulogy years before he passed on at age 90.

He had a chance to talk about his retirement, of the places he’d visited and the home he’d built. He had a chance to tout his business success. He had a chance to boast about his community respect.

Bob talked about his family and he talked about God. His family had gathered from Texas and California and North Carolina to honor his life and they heard a warm testimony to his love for all – down to the youngest great-grandchild. Bob knew and loved each one.

Bob closed his own eulogy with powerful words about his Savior. If one thing mattered, Bob said, it was your commitment to God. And he invited those present to make choices and to dedicate themselves to what he had dedicated himself: a daily walk to the Lord.

Bob’s descendants listened raptly, for many had done that long ago. They were Bob’s walking words, pursuing their Creator as Bob had done for 70 years. They had seen his heart and many had followed his lead.

If you could write your own eulogy, what would you write? What’s important to you? And is it seen in the people who follow?

Like Bob, you touch people every day. You’re writing your eulogy day by day. Is it about hobbies and entertainment? Is it about work and committees? Is it about awards and travel?

Is it what you want to say? How’s it going?

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Maxine said...

Very convicting indeed. Last spring I went to a funeral of a woman who was 100+ and left thinking similar thoughts as those expressed in this post. I wish I could know more people like Bob. I don't know what eulogy I'm leaving, but I'll let these people be examples for me.