Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Galatians: Finally...Melons?

Melons and cucumbers look pretty good when you’re eating dust most of the time. And so the people complained. Who brought them to this place of dryness and monotony when they could have fish and garlic, onions and leeks?

The Israelites were willing to trade their freedom for the delights of food. They minimized the food God had provided and whined about what was on their plate. (Num 11:4-6)

They were willing to go back to slavery for melons and fish.

As we conclude the book of Galatians, we see Paul writing to rescue churches from similar thinking. These new Christians throughout Galatia had been given new life. No longer were they under a death sentence.

But they were listening to those who were luring them back to slavery.

Paul reminded them: you are set free. Trusting anything but Jesus’ sacrifice was a walk to Egypt’s whips and chains.

This is our last lesson on Galatians. Feel free to review the lessons, as listed in the sidebar to the right.

For now, please read Galatians 5:1-4 and think about what Paul composed to people he loved and mentored. Write in your journal the impressions you get. Have you tried to return to the land of melons and cucumbers, ignoring the slavery that’s part of it? What is God asking you to lay down in the name of freedom?

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