Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Under the radar

After I hung up on the lady trying to squeeze out a $200 donation to a cause that I am passionate about, I decided I ought to re-think the whole business of contributions.

I didn’t hang up on her intentionally, but the phone shifted on my shoulder while I was stirring up some biscuits for supper and suddenly her warm voice was replaced by a dial tone.

To be honest with you, those cold calls from ministries bug me a little. They spend a good percentage of their income on such fundraising techniques. I can’t donate to every good cause out there and I want to choose after a time of prayer, not in the midst of a telemarketer’s sweet talk.

Also, it bugs me that the big ministries have enough money that they can overshadow little ministries – both in our attention and in our checkbooks.

I plan to highlight a few smaller ministries in the coming weeks. I’m not endorsing any or asking you to donate, but maybe, as you read about them, you’ll pray and be open to God’s leading. Most are not flashy but their leaders are passionate about their cause.

And, please, if you know of a ministry you’d like to see highlighted, let me know. I’ll try to include it at some point.

So, tomorrow: Swaziland!

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