Monday, May 26, 2008

Ruth: beginnings

It should have felt better to see the familiar buildings, Naomi thought to herself as she lifted the heavy pack one more time. “That’s Bethlehem,” she told Ruth.

“Small,” Ruth said quietly.

“We have a house here,” Naomi said. “It’s better to die among family.”

Ruth laughed. “We didn’t come here to die!”

The dust of the journey was gray on Naomi’s hair. “God has brought me back empty,” she said. “I am dead already.”

Naomi and Ruth believe they have reached the end of their journey but it has only begun. We will join them in a fresh look at the book of Ruth in the coming weeks.

If you have room in your journal after our study of Luke, plan to make new notes as we go through Ruth.

Ruth is a short book – four chapters – but one of the literary gems of the Bible. Try to read it this week – preferably in one sitting. We’ll dive in next week.

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Maxine said...

We are about to go into a short study of Ruth at church. I'm looking forward to it and hope to get back to check on what you're doing also. I love the book of Ruth and its wonderful story.