Monday, October 27, 2008

Economic bites

Maybe gas prices have dipped a little but my grocery bill keeps going up. And it's not all because of a teenage son. That just makes the bite a little more vivid.

We all know that the economy is tight right now. Prices are up, personal financial worth down.

John Piper took an interesting tack on his blog, Desiring God. Bad economic times, he suggests, are good for missions.

Here are some of his reasons:
  • During an economic downturn we are more dependent on God. That is the most fertile soil for creating missionaries.
  • During an economic downturn unreached people around the world do not expect you to come, but to look out for yourself. So they may more likely see your risk as love rather than exploitation.
  • During an economic downturn those who need Christ around the world may be less secure in earthly things and more ready to hear about eternal life.
  • During an economic downturn people at home may be wakened to the brevity of life and the fragility of material things, and so may become more generous not less. And when they give under these circumstances, it will make Christ look all the more like the all-satisfying Treasure that he is.

Recently I heard a speaker point out the irony of what our money states: In God we trust. Do we trust the words or the paper they're written on?


Jonathan said...

Thanks for that post. I think we all feel like we are drowning right now when it comes to money and store prices. But it is true how we seem more dependent on God in times like theses.

Maxine said...

Personally I think the economic crisis is not only good for missions, but it's good for US. I thoroughly believe that God will provide and that many Americans are learning some important lessons.

Kathy at Sumballo said...

We will learn to walk in trust and dependence in these times. Thanks for your comments. I agree, Maxine, that the economic crisis is good for us in many ways.