Thursday, October 9, 2008

Woohoo: 500 posts!

As you can see, I have spared no expense in celebrating my 500th post.

(Insert commercial break: you, too, can hire this balloon-bearing bear for your next 500th celebration.)

My sister made to 500 today as well (here's her blog site) but she didn't spring for the bear so her site is more cheesy than my celebration. Not everyone has elegant tastes, I guess. But since she was the one who urged me to start blogging, I have to dedicate this post to her. I know she'll be honored.

I started Sumballo in March of 2007, nervously placing my writing out for the world to see. Now, if you believe the hit map over on the sidebar, the world has strolled through. I've had hits from Australia, China, India, Africa, South America, and on. Nothing from Antartica yet but a blogger always needs new goals.

Based on the fact that my first posts (no, don't go look) now strike me as rather stilted and amateurish, I think my writing has improved - which was a main goal (well, after having the world stroll through....). But the best part is the new friends I've made in the process. I feel like I went to Malta with Angela, am praying over the elections along with Maxine and studying Solomon with Dana. There are many, many others as well who have touched my life. I've been changed by this blogging experiment.

These 500 posts have included book reviews, Bible studies, financial talks, and a few jokes. Since my sister's number-one post based on hits is her brilliant report on whether we swallow spiders while we sleep (we don't, they think), maybe I need to branch out in my posts.

And one more observation: my sister wrote 2 sentences on her 500th post while I have written a short book. Give a writer a keyboard and look what happens. Sometimes we get to 500 posts in a hurry!

I'll be marching on, with some new direction and changes. Thank you for your support!

I'll post the winner of the book basket later today (when I have time to get all those names logged into a random generator), and report back. You can now go forth in the glow of this elegant celebration.


eagleeyes said...

Congratulations!! Can you believe that we both made it to 500 and even more so... at the same time... That did take a little juggling, huh?
Still blows me away that my #1 (other than all my fans who come to my site on a regular basis to read my many deep and thought provoking posts) is "do we eats spikes in our sleep?" Well, #2 is about as much of mystery... Emma Nutt day.
I am also amazed that the traffic from around the world that wonders through my blog. Blows my little mind!! LOL
Keep up the great work!!!!

Maxine said...

Very good and very elegant indeed. Conratulations! So glad I "stumbled" on this blog one day. I always come here to be fed and blessed. AND informed. I'm sure others will agree. Keep up the good work!

Btw, thanks for mentioning my name. It's always good to see one's name in lights.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Yeah congrats! I have so enjoyed your blog. I am glad you took the plunge!
Much love,