Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Redneck awards

I didn't think it was a redneck solution, but that's what my sister said. My husband and I are prone to practical solutions and we'd bought many supplies for our new acreage that needed transported three hours in a Suburban. So we had put some stuff on the roof. And out the back tail gate. And sticking out a side window....

"You are hillbillies!" we were told. So we've always had a special place in our hearts for rednecks. Kindred spirits, so to speak, even though we're in Colorado and they're not.

When Jeff Foxworthy, that comedian of redneck sensitivity, came out with his end-of-the-year redneck solutions, I knew you'd want to know. So here they are:

Redneck Wedding Cake

Redneck Weather Station

Redneck Quote

Redneck Powerball Winner

Redneck Palm

Redneck Pet Carrier

Redneck Lawn Mower


Redneck Yacht

Redneck Grill


eagleeyes said...

Good to see that you got your inventory pictures done around the homestead! LOL
Yes, Virginia, the Brasby's are hillybilly red-necks!! LOL

Jonathan said...

It looks like home!! :)

Kathy at Sumballo said...

Aren't we a special family? LOL