Friday, June 5, 2009

Closing in

Wilma had a party when she was 89 because she hoped to dance before God's throne by her 90th birthday. But God had other plans so, when the 90th rolled around, she flew to Florida to visit friends.

You feel the joy of the Lord when you're around Wilma. She claps her hands with delight and hugs the young man in black leather, studs, and tattoos. She kisses the babies and presses her hands against my cheeks when she asks for prayer. Although she's served God for many years, she's brutally candid about her own doubts and mistakes. With her sweet southern drawl, she always honors God.

But today she's in the hospital, awaiting treatments for a tumor and leukemia. She's anxious to meet her Heavenly Father.

Several of us are praying and fasting.
She wants us to pray for her family but we're selfish: we pray more for her. We'd like the joy of her presence for a few more years. Please join me in asking for God's mercy on her family. And a little prayer for her health would be appreciated, too.

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Maxine said...

Oh, I know what you mean! She sure sounds like someone worth keeping around a bit longer! Just uttered a prayer for this dear one.