Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Recently our family had a discussion about freedom vs. safety. Well, actually, we were discussing the Vikings plundering land through Europe in the Middle Ages. These wild men came to a village and did hideous things: rape, pillage, plunder, murder. Then they burned whatever was left.

We talked about the fear when a village knew they were coming. Many villagers submitted to a feudal state, where they gave up their freedom to a lord who promised them protection and safety.

I asked my teenage daughter to write a short essay on this subject of freedom vs. safety. Here’s what she wrote:

“What would do when the Vikings come here?” these villagers would ask themselves. “Who will we turn to?” The offer of protection would be very appealing to these frightened people.

The cost? The loss of freedom. They would submit themselves to their lord and do whatever he wanted whenever he called. In return, they would be safe and alive after the Vikings passed.

What would we do today?

What good is freedom if we’re dead?

As I look at this story, I see a clear image of what our lives in Christ should look like. We are being invaded by an enemy we can’t fight. He is plundering our lives, taking everything he can.

“What will we do when he comes?” we ask ourselves. “Who will we turn to?”

The offer of protection that Christ gives is very appealing. The cost? The loss of freedom. We submit ourselves to our Lord and do whatever he wants whenever he calls. In return, we will be safe and alive after the enemy passes.

What do you say?


Pat Michael said...

I think Becky would do well in the Critical Thinking class that I am currently taking. Good assessment and conclusion.

Kathy at Sumballo said...

Thanks, Pat. I wish she could take it with you! I was pleased with her point of view, too.