Monday, June 22, 2009

Threat to VOM

An anonymous fax believed to have been sent from the North Korean Embassy in Finland or Denmark, promises workers affiliated with The Voice of the Martyrs (USA) that "something very bad will happen to you," if VOM continues a special project to share the gospel via weekly fax transmissions to government and business representatives of the restricted Asian nation.

During the past year VOM has made an effort to collect as many fax numbers as possible from North Korea, one of the world's most isolated nations. VOM sends weekly faxes containing Christian messages and scripture passages on love and forgiveness to each of the fax numbers.

Apparently, the project has touched a nerve at the highest levels of North Korea's repressive government.

"We know who you are," begins a fax, written in Korean but without a signature. "We warn you that if you send this kind of dirty fax again something very bad will happen to you. Don't do something you will regret."

Please Pray!

"This fax is good news," said Todd Nettleton, VOM's director of Media Development and the author of a book on the history of Christianity in North Korea. "This means that the faxes are getting through, and they are being read. It is highly unlikely that this type of response would have been made from an embassy without some approval from Pyongyang."

Pray that the leaders of this tyrannical government will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray also that Christians in North Korea will stand firm in their faith, despite the dangers they face.

The Voice of the Martyrs exists to serve persecuted Christians living in restricted nations, and to help spread the gospel in those nations. The ministry has been active in North Korea for decades, including launching tens of thousands of "Scripture Balloons," helium filled balloons that are printed with scripture passages and other gospel messages.

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