Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A teenage boy's view

Yesterday, I promised you a review on the book Evolution: The Grand Experiment by Carl Werner. Since the book is aimed at teenage readers, I asked my 13-year-old son to read and review it. Here's his viewpoint:

So this is a book review for the book Evolution: The Grand Experiment Volume 1 by Dr Carl Werner. Overall for the book, I really liked it. The text is easy to read, the pictures are excellent, and the facts are awesome. I really enjoy reading about facts, so the more jaw dropping facts there are in a book the better. But sometimes the text boxes are almost unnoticeable because it’s a small black square in this elaborate, multi pictured scene. So I missed some text going through it the first time. And some chapters are a little lengthy.

But graphs, pictures, quotes, and symbols were done well. I enjoyed many parts where it was questioning evolution by comparing the 2+ animals to make the ‘evolved creature’. The drop shadows were an excellent touch to the square and round images.

Overall, I would definitely suggest this book to anyone who would be interested at all. It’s easy to read, the photography is outstanding, template is excellent as it isn’t too crowded, and it disproves evolution without proof-texting information.

There ya go!

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Jonathan said...

LoL!! Short and Sweet.