Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A big ape birthday greeting

I was a oh-so-mature 16-year-old sparring with my 8-year-old sister when it came up. "You are a silly goof," I told her.

She leaned back with all the gusto she could muster. "Don't call me names, you big ape!"

Several years later, she was living with me. "We're having leftovers," I told her one evening. "What do you want?"

"Liver!" she said brightly. Weird, I thought. We were on a very tight budget and we had leftover liver in the fridge but I didn't think she liked it all that much. Well, whatever. I served up a plate of liver. Did you know that re-heating liver in the microwave puts all sorts of little volcanoes on the surface? Even though it didn't look so appetizing to me, I hadn't been the one to order it. I laid the plate in front of her.

In return, I got one of those withering looks that take paint off of cars. She glared at me. "I said anything BUT liver."

Yeah, I had to toss it.

We've weathered a lot together over the years and sparred with great vigor.

My point? Today's her birthday. Happy birthday, Ann!!

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