Thursday, November 6, 2008

Letters, part 1

This pregnancy had a rocky start, begun with weekly hormone shots and sustained with some early bed rest. The memories of two miscarriages hovered like black snakes. Even though I was now coasting in the second trimester, I hadn't fully shaken off the trembling of those early weeks when I read the letter.

It was a short blurb in a city newspaper I sometimes scanned. This letter was only two paragraphs, responding to a recent flurry of articles about the abortion debate. The author cited Ayn Rand, claiming she provided "the definitive response to anti-abortionists. She said, 'If words have any meaning, the unborn are the unliving.'"

After that slam dunk, the author added that those opposed to abortion "will not relent until they succeed in legally redefining 'life' and 'living'."

The water cascaded over my growing belly as I stood in the shower the next morning, still mulling his words. I'm a writer and God gave me words. I penned a response:

I wonder if a political agenda doesn't cloud the simple and obvious.

I am 23 weeks pregnant. Six weeks into my pregnancy, I saw an ultrasound which showed a small bump emitting a heartbeat of 128 beats per minute. Four weeks later, another ultrasound showed a tiny being actively swimming. I could see arms, legs, hands, feet and even a nose.

Now, I can see my abdomen expand with this baby's growth. I can feel prods and pokes.

Ayn Rand may tell me that 'the unborn are the unliving,' but common sense tells me there is life within my womb.

Tomorrow: part 2


Cicilia said...

WOW! Mom, what a beautiful description of Timothy as an unborn and very alive child. Your words sink into my heart.

On a similar note, can you tell me more about what makes a person a "mother" to a child?


Kathy at Sumballo said...

Cis, what a fascinating question. I wish I had a definitive answer but here's what I came up with: A mother embraces this new relationship, willing to accept the changes any meaningful relationship brings, with sacrifice and passion.

What do you think? Help me craft this better.