Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jamaica opportunity

I have an opportunity to join a team going to Jamaica for a week in February. Bible quizzing is allowed (encouraged) in the public schools there and the team going to Jamaica will be facilitating their national tournament.

I'd appreciate your prayers as I consider this. I don't want my decision to be based on finances or even on my schedule, but on the Lord's plan. God asked me to pray about going but he hasn't made it clear yet if I'm actually to go! Thanks for praying.

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Jonathan said...

I love Jamaica. I have been and really enjoyed it. It is not a place you would think needs missions but it so is. I have some dear friends of mine who live there and they have been there for some years now. I would love to go back and see them. They are currently working with a man they met there who was a big time drug-lord before he become a Christan to build a church in the middle of one of the poorest places in Kingston. Last I was there, they were in the middle of a Gov War and they had to hold church every Sunday in a field of broken glass and drug needles. They also work within Chinatown with a few schools there. I was blown away by how the children know so much about the bible and how much they just take to heart. Best to luck in this time of praying and seeking what God's will is for you. Let me know what happens I might have to send you some money to get me some jerk Spice. :)