Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who's intolerant?

Even the ancient Romans were more tolerant than these radical Hindus who are strong-arming Christians in India. Read the full story here.

In the Roman Empire, Christians were required to worship the emperor. If they were willing to do that, the Romans didn't care how many gods they worshipped. Rome expected its people to add emperor-worship to their god list - and in return, Rome would add the gods of newly-conquered people to the official god list. It was a political system that helped Rome weaken the rebellion in new regions.

But in India, a radical Hindu group has been reconverting Christians for over a decade. Under threats of death - and in spite of supposed legal protection for Christians - people are shedding their Christian faith in an elaborate ceremony that includes incense, a bonfire, and vows of conversion.

Targeted are the poor, who could lose life or property if they don't convert. Rich Christians are rarely harassed.

This is happening in Orissa, where believers are hiding out in the forests to hide from Hindu bullies.

Ironically, the leader of the radical group declared no tolerance for those people who believe their way is the only way. "Those who indulge in proselytization by force, allurements and inducements have no place in this nation's life," said KS Shudarshan.

I guess these Hindus are intolerant of intolerance. Read the article and pray.

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