Wednesday, October 24, 2007

After I hit the refresh button for the 23rd time in the last hour, I wondered what had brought us to this place.

I was in the 8.5 million fan stampede this week that flooded the Colorado Rockies’ website, trying to buy tickets to a World Series game. But in our case, we could at least take the position we were Colorado residents, after all, and had been to a home game this summer.

We rooted for our Rockies in spite of that large group taking up bleacher space to cheer for the Cubbies. We won, though!

It’s been a fun time for our family, to follow the Rockies on an incredible end-of-the season string of victories. And here they are: the team who generally hold down last place in the division, slotted into the World Series. Nobody guessed that and now we are in the middle of this media blitz.

But here’s the best part: this team embraces biblical principles in assembling a team. Imagine that. They prefer character and values over talent.

If you’re curious, here’s a story about the spiritual temperature of the team. Or Google Colorado Rockies Christian and see what you find.

I was curious anyway.

I found out that the general manager, Dan O’Dowd, is an outspoken Christian who has chosen to look for players with character.

“If people want to interpret character as a religious-based issue because it appears many times in the Bible, that’s their decision. I believe that character is an innate part of developing an organization, and to me, it is nothing more than doing the right thing at the right time when nobody’s looking.” O’Dowd told a newspaper reporter.

Do I think God is blessing this team for its commitment to biblical principles? Yes, I do. I’m told this team is like a family, closer than brothers in many ways. I’ve seen them take success and failure in stride. Players aren’t afraid to bring in their young children into the Rockies locker room. The team is in the spotlight without seeing their best players arrested for some early-morning celebration. What blessings!

They don’t need a World Series championship to feel God’s hand on them. They may get it (GO, Rockies!) but they are enjoying the warmth of God’s breath even now.


Maxine said...

Hi, Kathy, I was so excited when I read this on your blog. This article had just come into my Christian news RSS feed yesterday and I am about to forward it to some people in my church. We are in the Philadelphia area and generally root for the Phillies (actually I am a long time Yankee fan primarily), but when the Rockies defeated the Phillies in the first round, my husband said "There's something about these Rockies that I like, and I'm rooting for them for the rest of the way." We decided to do that, and were delighted to see this article yesterday.
We're thankful Fox is still carrying the World Series so we can watch tonight! (See my post early October at Nanna's Reflections blog.)
Go Rockies!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is an encouragement. I wish we saw more of this these days,
Much love,