Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Charlie knew his bride was unfaithful before the ceremony. He was compassionate with deep pockets, paying for the festivities of the wedding and indulging his bride’s dreams for the nuptials.

Looking deeply into his eyes, he vowed to treasure her through health and illness, youth and age, disappointment and victory.

In the glow of new love, the couple had three children in rapid succession. Then Eve’s eye began to wander again. The monotony of monogamy gave energy to her plans.

Soon Charlie read nursery rhymes and bedtime stories without knowing where his bride spent the evening.

Isn’t it interesting that God gives us permission to end a marriage because of unfaithfulness while he doesn’t give himself that loophole? The story of Charlie is the story of God, who married a prostitute and endured the pain of her constant unfaithfulness.

God was the wounded bridegroom, Israel with her stunning unfaithfulness the bride. She chose out gods of wood and silver, ceremonies of convenience pleasing to other nations while an insult to God.

God’s commitment was simple: I will be your God and you will be my people. Even when the bride could not keep that covenant, even when their hearts wandered to what seemed more convenient or more exciting or more impressive to others, God could not break his covenant.

His viewpoint was always to bring them back. Even the judgments, the punishments, the prophet’s words of woe were all for one purpose: to bring the bride home.

She searched for fullness in the arms of downed timber and dead metal while fruitfulness and life rested in the faithful bridegroom.

God said so well: “I am like a green pine tree; your fruitfulness comes from me.” (Hosea 14:8)

He never forgets his vow: I am yours always.


darla said...

My God is big enough and strong enough even to mend a marriage that one has been unfaithful. I do not know how HE does it, I just know that HE does. We are so often that Isreal...so easily entertained by other gods even if we give them different names.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Great post! I love that part. God did not give Himself a loophole. God is so amazing!
Much love,