Monday, October 15, 2007


Jesus had just had an amazing set of encounters in Jerusalem. He’d drawn whips to chase the merchants out of the temple. He’d compared himself to the temple, shocking the Jews. He’d performed many miraculous signs, causing many to believe.

Yet, in John 2:24, we’re told that he did not entrust himself to the people.

Why not? Hadn’t he done the signs to stir belief? Hadn’t he revealed his zeal for God’s house in cleansing the temple? Hadn’t he confronted the religious leaders?

The people responded with belief. And he didn’t believe their belief.

Rightly so. Even the disciples believed and then didn’t and then believed and then didn’t throughout Jesus’ ministry. At the end, when he was arrested, they scattered like lightning bugs in the light.

Jesus didn’t entrust himself to the people for he knew what was in a person. He hadn’t come to this earth to befriend them or to set up a fraternity but to save them. He wasn’t fishing for approval or even understanding.

He knew what was in us and his mission was rescue. He wasn’t a church planter or a consensus-builder. He came because he knew our sin nature, that we are incapable of even belief apart from him.

When did the disciples finally come to the place of commitment and courage? After Pentecost, when they were indwelt by the Spirit of God.

We can’t do this alone. In that early chapter of John, many people believed Jesus’ signs and his words. But Jesus never sought their approval. He knew it would waft in the wind like fog off the river.

He didn’t come to be approved but to save.

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Tam said...

I love these thoughts. Ones I have not pondered before. To put myself in Christs shoes as he walked this earth - I couldn't have done it! I would have gotten so tied up in others opinions. I would have been discouraged and broken.

Great points Kathy...I love this!

darla said...

"he didn't come to be approved, he came to save"
How very true that is and still is! I am moved to ponder it some more due to the fact that we all seem to care so much what others think and not as much as we should what Jesus thinks..mmmm very good focus point for me right now..seems that there are so many talking at once and not many quoting scripture that is the only freeing thing I know.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Kathy was a great post. You know I get so caught up in people believing and changing their hearts when I do not even have the power to do that! It is God's to do. I am just a mouth piece. It would be good for me to follow His example. Obedience and eyes on the Father.

Thanks for your great posts. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Much love,