Thursday, October 18, 2007


Milly had a lump on her neck. She'd had two before and the surgeon had sliced them away, so she knew the routine. Although her spirit rebelled, she trekked through the medical pathways with surgery scheduled again. But she asked people to please pray, for her spirit screamed that she should not do this surgery.

The day before the surgery, the mirror revealed the lump was gone. The doctor confirmed.

Donna found a lump, too. I asked for prayer for her about 6 weeks ago. She's been undergoing chemotherapy and, after 6 rounds, went in for a new CRT scan earlier this week. Preliminary reports show the following:

  • No cancer in the lymph nodes
  • No cancer on her liver
  • The cancer on her adrenal is much reduced.

The common thread in the stories is prayer. God worked in these women's lives. We can get a rush of excitement and relief. But let's honor his name, for he is worthy of all praise and worship and glory.

And keep praying, for he can do what we cannot.


Tam said...

Who can say God is not alive, active and powerful in lives today! For His Glory...AMEN!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Amen to that! Prayer is the key to everything!
Much love,