Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Words of encouragement

And God said “let there be…” and it was. John identified Jesus as the Word, the logos, the statement or speech of the Father. God chose to communicate himself and his nature through words.

And he gives us the same privilege, to use words to communicate about God and his nature. I am fascinated by words, for we know they are powerful. A statement of criticism can overwhelm many pats on the back. Yet a well-crafted note can stir our spirits to new heights.

How we use words makes all the difference. James warned us that the tongue is a fire, able to burn away chaff or ignite a movement. It reveals our hearts and our deepest intent.

For whatever reason, God has given me a love for words. My library is stuffed with books about grammar and style and usage. I spent my 16th summer writing a novel on an old black manual typewriter, zoning out chores and Mom’s voice to pound out the movie running in my head.

As my relationship with God grew, I knew this talent would be wonderful in his kingdom. He’d be so glad to have me as one of his scribes. (We spell this: a-r-r-o-g-a-n-c-e.)

But as my heart has been broken by my own pride and greed, I have given this writing to God. It is his to do with he wants, and I cringe when he says, write. Sometimes I compare rather than obey and so I am stricken. My words seem like dishwater at a table of rich wines.

Recently, he told me it was time, and so I wrote about the miscarriages that broke my heart. Now, those articles have helped earn Sumballo the Blog of the Month award from Writers…Interrupted.

Maybe someone bearing the pain of miscarriage might be touched by His eternal compassionate touch.

I am honored, and I am encouraged to trek on. When God is at work, you never know what’s next.

Angela, thank you for nominating me. I am grateful to receive this award and I want to share the joy. Check out the website.

Words are powerful and we wield them only by God’s grace.


eagleeyes said...

Wow, CONGRATULATIONS!! As I was reading your Dive In post yesterday, I thought "my 'dorky' sister is DEEP." As I read along with your daily posts I'm amazed at your way with words, your insights, your hunger for more.
Even though we're alike in many ways... we are oh so different too. I can write but it's an effort. I read but it's not my love. Mostly, thanks for encouraging me in my areas of "specialty"! You are a blessing.

Maxine said...

Oh, Kathy, what a blessing and congratulations to you! How very deserving you are. In fact, I loved that post so much that I sent an email to a struggling friend with a link so that she could read it. It's good to see that it was recognized by others and that YOU have been recognized by others. Keep hanging in there, writing your wonderful and DEEP words about the things of God.
I'm not able to get over to read these words every day, but when I do, there is always something here that is worthwhile.
Blessings to you, sister!

The Small Scribbler said...

Congratulations! I am glad you were encouraged with this reward. I always feel that my time here is time well spent and it seems that others do too.


Ehthak said...

omg omg omg omg omg..... [oh my gosh] WOW!!!!! why didn't you tell me? O_O