Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ministry Focus: Girls4God

Girls as young as 5 are lured by promises of jobs and a better life. In other words, they’re completely lied to before being stuffed into boxes and shipped to America to be used as porn models.

This is an ugly story and I won’t go on. Suffice it to say that many don’t survive the trip itself and many more don’t survive the atrocities they meet upon arrival.

All to feed an insatiable porn monster. Photos can be uploaded in 15 minutes and there’s a hungry audience waiting fresh meat.

God4Girls wants to provide another way for these girls, who live in Latin America. Using the motto, “From Exploitation to Empowerment,” the group establishes local programs to provide schooling and job skills.

Their four-point goals for programs are:

  • Scripture – establishing a personal pattern for Bible reading, discipleship and prayer.
  • Sustenance – providing food, medicine and essentials.
  • Schooling – education in the 3R’s.
  • Skills – training for a long-term vocation.

Author Patricia Hickman is part of a construction team going to Latin America to build training centers for girls there. Further information on her trip is available here.

Please pray for these girls as Girls4God works in Jesus’ name to give them freedom.

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