Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ministry Focus: Mission Americas

“Mundo Muyo,” or “home of the Mayan Indians” is also home to Mission Americas, which since 1969 has trained local leaders to be missionaries to their own people.

Mission Americas began with a seminary at Merida on the Yucatan peninsula. Current director Harlan Capps has a passion for training indigenous leaders. They already know the language, customs, culture, and it is a greater stewardship of mission dollars,” he says.

From the seminary in Merida, Mission Americas has planted seminaries in five locations in the Yucatan peninsula. They have also placed seminaries in Cuba as well.

The goal is always to train local people and support the local churches.

Mission Americas has even opened an internet seminary to facilitate theological training.

They encourage mission groups from the United States to help out. The opportunities are endless. Teams have helped with construction projects. All improvements to the seminary buildings must be done – and financed – by mission groups. There’s no money in the budget for capital improvements.

Teams have done local evangelism, visited local churches, sponsored kids’ clubs, and much more.

Our family will be one of those teams. We will be spending two weeks in the Yucatan peninsula and also in Cuba, filming video to produce promotional videos and documentaries for Mission Americas.

Please pray for Mission Americas and for our family. We know that God is working through Mission Americas to change lives in Mexico and Cuba.

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