Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rushing in

Iguacu Falls of South America features a complex system of 275 waterfalls along just under two miles of the Iguacu River. The magnificent curtains of water dwarf Niagara Falls.
The roar of cascading water is overwhelming.

John, in Revelation, in describing Jesus, wrote: “his voice was like the sound of many waters.” (Rev 1:15)

But there’s more to that imagery than noise. Water is a powerful picture of swirling chaos and soothing abundance. We’re reminded, with the flood waters rising in Iowa, of the destructive power of water.

Yet we can’t live without water. Trees die, crops wither, and we die in short order without water.

The psalmist described a fruitful tree as one rooted in streams of water. (Ps 1:3)

God is like those falls of Iguacu, roaring with power. He is not safe but he sustains. We can stand beneath the falls and be pounded by force but, when we’re thirsty, the water never ends. God's provision pours out on us like the falls, abundant beyond our comprehension.

We don’t control the falls. We enjoy the beauty, relish the abundance, and linger at the never-ending rush of water.

Can we see God’s nature that way today?

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